You have investment money that you want out of stocks.

We began to help investors in income and value securities in 1976. These tend to be less volatile than the average stock. We believe that this style of investing could have a long ride as investing preferences appear to be changing.

The massive increase in rates, the inflation shock, and a struggling stock market are frustrating investors who want a solid return with low risk.

We are focusing on managing portfolios of value/income securities for that serious money because we believe that a major shift from speculative markets hoping for growth is turning toward a total return market which requires either income or deep value and modest capital gains. It’s more about anticipating the change in the tides than being a skilled surfer.


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Our Services

Whatever service works for you NOW is the time to act.

Mayday Service

We consult direct with you about portfolio construction, provide ideas, and answer your questions for a nominal fee. Keep your present arrangements intact. Clients find this to be an easy arrangement.

Best Ideas Portfolio

Deposit an amount in a Schwab account within your comfort level and we will buy a few of our best ideas. This will be concentrated so it’s not intended to be a large part of your portfolio.

Managed Money

A classic managed account with risk management as the focus.

An Advocate For Investors Since 1976

The mission of Michael Malone is to help as many investors as we can to develop intelligent investment strategies that work when markets may not.

Why You

You don’t want average investment results or advice. You are exceptional.

Why Us?

“You learn to know a pilot in a storm” — Seneca. Our principles have set us apart when markets struggle since 1976.

Why You and Us?

You want a professional investment Sherpa who can help you up the mountain. We enjoy the challenge of helping investors who dare to be exceptional.