Who We Serve

Individuals and institutions are attracted to Michael Malone because our client focus allows us to use “independent critical thinking” to develop each client’s personal investment strategy. The only way to avoid the pressure (and performance) that comes with following the herd is to focus solely on the client. If this sounds reasonable to you, then you should contact us today. We would love to hear your story.

If any of the following questions or statements addresses your situation, then we believe that we could help you…

  • Are you a fiduciary looking for a different way to invest that controls risk and doesn’t just ride the markets up and down and chasing benchmarks.
  • Are you ready to take the contrary path?
  • Are you concerned about what happened to your money in 2000-2002 & 2008-2009 and believe it could happen again?
  • You want an advisor with a strategy that can navigate turbulent times and does not simply rely on ever rising asset prices.