What We Provide

We try to do one thing very well: develop portfolios for each investor that can prosper when markets have difficulty. In our view, intelligence stands out when the markets stop advancing. We believe that it is essential to protect portfolios when the likelihood of market turbulence is high for the foreseeable future. It is our goal to avoid losses that could take a significant amount of time to recover capital. We will never say “there was nothing we could have done” and sometimes that means not participating at the very tops of markets.

During the two previous major market declines, we were able to help our clients navigate the treacherous environment virtually unscathed. It is our goal moving forward to help significantly more people hold on to the assets they have worked so hard to accumulate. For that reason, we have broadened our horizons to offer two distinct services.

We do a unique, client specific risk analysis to ensure that the composition of your portfolio is in line with what is most important to you. We do not attempt to beat the market; we work with each client to set a goal that is truly their own. This forms the basis for our Mayday Service has a very low fee structure and allows access to us until risks have been leveled.

Our portfolio management begins with our view that speculative markets are dangerous to the health of investors and we create portfolios to help avoid their pitfalls. By seeking to preserve capital, we strive to capture opportunities as they arise. We monitor the markets and our carefully orchestrated portfolios constantly to determine if adjustments are necessary and we are willing to provide performance data on demand. Our goal is to provide you with personalized investment management that focuses on risk reduction and opportunity capture as our top priorities.