Why We Are In Business

Michael Malone Investment Advisory is in business because investors desire an advisor who puts them first. We understand caring is not just listening to the clients’ needs; it requires independent thinking which helps preserve value in turbulent markets. We bring the intelligence of the most successful investors to a group that might not have had access to it before. We believe that bad markets can have a long lasting effect on client portfolios. We respect market history and understand that clients could suffer losses they may not recover. We believe strongly that making money in tough markets requires the ability to understand volatility’s effect on your wealth. Oftentimes, success requires parting company with the crowd.

Our experience of navigating through 2000/02 and 2008/09 convinced us that the kinds of markets we have now are fragile and vulnerable. We expect to see turbulent markets and want to help protect investors with the goal of capitalizing on better values. Our experience since 1976 enabled us to expect the last two major declines and create strategies that attempted to protect client capital. We believe conventional Wall Street thinking proved to be ineffective because it failed to protect client capital during the same period and that same thinking continues today.

If we weren’t in business we don’t know where most investors would go to get this kind of risk management of their wealth.

The investment management business, in our opinion, has become big and impersonal and it relies more on astute marketing and less on taking care of the clients. We find this exposes the average investor to unwarranted downside possibilities. We seek to limit your volatility while capturing value.

We are excited to be in business now because it is our belief that investors are fed up with Wall Street and are looking for a different way. Do not give up on investing, just change to a strategy that gives you a better chance of being successful.