Who We Are

Michael Malone Investment Advisory’s client focus sets it apart from the crowd. Since our benchmark is you, our objective is to find ways to succeed even in the most turbulent markets. We believe that protecting clients from significant losses and capturing opportunities yields the steadiest returns. All of our research focuses on finding ways for our clients to succeed across all market conditions and to do that, we must remain open to exploring alternative courses of action. We have faith that through hard work and open-mindedness, solutions can be found.

This investment philosophy dates from 1976 when we realized that the Wall Street crowds’ willingness to overpay for assets exposed our clients to too much risk. For us, applying the principles of risk management and working for the client best reduces the chances of loss and uncovers unique opportunities.

Our experience convinces us that this client focus must drive our investment methodology. This is why we respect the potential for large declines in markets and the effect they have on wealth. Michael Malone Investment Advisory believes clients need that commitment.