Our Guiding Principles


When a client believes you have their best interest at heart you can engage in alternative strategies to help them achieve their goals. We have found over the years that the great majority of investors think like the herd so it may be difficult to convince them of why a disciplined approach to risk reduction ultimately yields the strongest results. Acknowledging this, we spend considerable time educating clients about our different way. This is why we need to earn the clients’ trust so that they will stay the course when it takes us in another direction.


Our experience in working with clients over a generation supports our belief that we are able to navigate difficult environments effectively. However, it’s all about the future and for that one must be diligent, flexible, and creative and not rest on one’s laurels. We do not believe that it takes intelligence to just ride the markets up and down.


We measure caring by how we manage money in the toughest times. All of our efforts are to help our clients avoid the possibility of losing money they cannot recover. Our clients’ well-being is at the core of everything we do.