Why You and Us?

You should see us as an investment SHERPA. We have been up the mountain before.

Our goal is to match your attitude of success to our aptitude in value investing. We will match your intensity.

Together we strive to preserve capital in order to make more money for you as value emerges. Big declines are killers.

Our relationships are forged in conversation with you. We can consult or manage as required by you.

We educate; no time for selling. We don’t ask you to change current advice arrangements.

Even those with the strongest backbone find the herd tough to resist. We help you to follow investors’ principles and to do things differently.

There should be an investment advisory service dedicated to those who dare to be great. After all, there is an entire industry that feeds off of the conventional thinkers.

We have a unique way of applying our best ideas to your portfolio. You should find it refreshing.