Why You?

You know success comes to those that take the road less traveled. You do what the unsuccessful avoid.

You strive to be exceptional in all that you do. Why be average?

You are capable of fighting conventional thinking. You don’t give up easily.

You can go counter to your instincts and act boldly. You act with conviction.

You know the simple, easy, cheap answers are for the crowd. You chose the dynamic challenge.

You are skeptical of investment advice. You find its value hard to measure.

You have the patience and fortitude to wait for the value to emerge while most follow the trend.




You have found the stock and bond markets to be a frustrating effort to grow your wealth. You realize you need to partner with an experienced advisor. You have the highest standards for investment advice and believe the investment industry is a sales machine. You may have decided that investing can only give you dull, average returns. We want you to reconsider.

You believe you can apply your principles of success to investing and won’t settle for less.